Lucinda Ramsay's post

Fossil fuel extraction has to stop. We need to stop these massive companies risking all of the planet for profit. We need to stop using fossil fuels in every way, including plastic, nylon, make up..research what products are made of, research what chemicals come from fossil fuels and stop buying products with these ingredients.

  • zelda ninga

    66 w

    I agree to this,but the sad part is that the people involved in this are much aware of the effects of fossil fuel but they choose to ignore the dangers that come with it.

    • Ford Brodeur

      66 w

      I 100% agree with you. It's awful to see what they're doing in the Permian Basin. A few months back, I wrote a climate warning on my profile that showed how Chevron is actively greenwashing by controlling the news stories from small towns throughout the Permian Basin. You can see my review here:

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