Ben Ochieng's post

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION. 5th June every year is a special day to recognise our environment. An environment is the surrounding or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives or operates in. External environment is outside and the internal environment is with the body of the above 3 mentioned subjects. For a person, animal or plant to be healthy, the conditions around them must always be favourable. As we mark this date of environmental day let us observe these dos and don'ts to keep our environment favourable. 1. Plant a lot of trees to keep our environment green and fresh - trees freshens the air during the day as they absorb Carbon (IV) oxide and release oxygen required by humans and animals. Trees absorb water deep from the ground, lose it through evapotranspiration, the water forms clouds and finally fall back as rain. 2. Be responsible with waste. For those in rural, streets and other places always find banks to deposit waste accordingly. Upon consuming street foods, water, beverages etc always dispose the package materials and containers appropriately. Always believe as I do that there is always dustbin ahead. DO NOT just drop water bottles and other packaging containers carelessly on the roads, streets ect. Recycle the recyclable and reuse the reusable. 3. To the manufacturing companies try as much as possible to have your packaging materials organic for biodegradability. Discourage plastics. 4. For any materials or gadgets we buy always take note of usage and disposal directives. For those that require returning to manufacturer for proper disposal follow instructions promptly. 5. Farmers to embrace organic over in organic to always keep the environment in its natural state. 6. Discourage deforestation. I find it useless to cut down a whole forest to carry out agriculture and later fail at it due to insufficient rainfall. A similar situation is of cutting down a forest to build a church and later pray for rain and manna from heaven. 7. For those along the riverbanks and those who have direct access to water bodies, water is as useful just as it is clean. In case you keep it clean it is safe for us all. Bathing, washing (clothes, utensils, machinery), deficating or urinating at a particular point of a river imposes so much risk to the person downstream for the one downstream might be using it for cooking or drinking. One man's poison is another man's food. 8. For industries which emit fumes and release wastes, there's always a way of releasing safe waste to the environment. Installations are available to trap behind all the unsafe fumes and waste yet most companies fail to have these installations to cut cost of production at the expense of several lives at risk. OWINO OURU estate in Kenya is a living testimonial tragic result of such negligence. For the sake of internal environment control what you take to keep it clean and safe. Observe these dos and don'ts: . Do not consume processed and modern foods rather embrace whole meals. . Avoid sugar completely. . Take in alot of water, at least 4 litres a day. . Embrace fasting to detoxify your body and soul(OMAD, 2MAD or autophagy). . Exercise regularly (3-5) weekly. . Embrace traditional way of treatment and avoid at all costs the modern drugs as they only hide symptoms rather than curing and milk your pockets dry. . Avoid alcohol. . Avoid seed oils. Since you consume from the external environment your body(internal environment) will be as clean as much as you keep the external environment clean. Keep your environment safe I keep mine safe and we all stay safe.

  • zelda ninga

    56 w

    Thanks for sharing ,i love how you,ve posted about our own health too

    • Ben Ochieng

      58 w

      I am humbled.

      • Patrick Kiash

        58 w

        Great lessons, thankyou for sharing them with us, very educative and worth considerations.

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