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How prepared are we to tackle a climate crisis when it occurs like the hurricanes or the flooding e.t.c??

Hurricane Hilary, Capable Of "Extensive Damage", Hits Mexico, California.

Hurricane Hilary,capable of "extensive Damage hits mexico and California.Hilary brought heavy rains to portions of Mexico Baja California peninsula and the southwestern united states as officials warned the powerful hurricane was likely to cause catastrophic and life threatening flooding.The storm weakened Saturday from a powerful category4 to category 2 on the five steps saffir Simpson scale,but it was still dreamed capable of extensive Damage and hurricanes conditions were to continue.The heavy storms and floodings are likely to spread to other areas,residents and workers in the Mexican tourist resort of cabo san Lucas have out up protective boarding and laid thousands of sandbags as large waves began crashing ashore.Military personal were seen patrolling the beach in the city a popular destination for both Mexican and foreign tourists.The concerned authorities said they are looking for precautionary measures to help the people.

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  • Peter Kamau

    42 w

    It's really perturbing that governments can do so much in their power to avoid such catastrophes but instead play games with them and only run to aid just when it's too late.

    • rosebellendiritu

      42 w

      @peter_kamau sometimes we tend to use much when disaster has already stricken whereas we should think of prevention measures instead.

    • johnte ndeto

      42 w

      By investing more resources on affected areas and inviting companies and institutions of good will to support

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