Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops's post

Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops

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The reflectivity of snow and ice at the poles, known as the albedo effect, is one of Earth’s most important cooling mechanisms. But global warming has reduced this reflectivity drastically, setting off a dangerous warming loop: as more Arctic ice and snow melt, the albedo effect decreases, warming the Arctic further, and melting more ice and snow. The volume of Arctic ice has already shrunk 75% In the past 40 years, and scientists predict that the Arctic Ocean will be completely ice-free during the summer months by the end of the century.
Witness the science behind this urgent change and what is needed to reverse it in the 5th and final part of Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops. For additional resources and education materials, check out the link to our website in our pinned post, and click the YouTube link below to watch the video! 👇🌐🌍

  • Harrison wambui

    3 w

    Thanks for sharing a very impacting video

    • Komu Daniel

      3 w

      thank you for sharing such important information

      • Richard Orengo

        3 w

        There is need of global leaders to embrace full participation to reduce the albedo effect.

        • Annett Michuki..

          3 w

          great information that will enlighten the world

          • Tabitha Kimani

            3 w

            Very scary information and all this had been predicted. Scientists have done an amazing job to keep the world informed but leaders continue to fail in taking action. Its high time the fossil fuel emissions are stopped in a militant manner otherwise the losses and changes in climate unfathomable.

            • DIPANJANA MAULIK

              3 w

              This is a great video. Gratitude for sharing. Loosing 75% ice cover in 40 years is a real concern. More frightening are the cumulative impacts of the four feedback loops, which are shown in this clipping very nicely. These feedback loops are: melting of sea ice, losing of Albedo, warming of land ice and losing Antarctica ice very quickly, which was accumulated over 40 million years. We really do not have time to sit back and peacefully watch how everything collapses.

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