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Rukia Ahmed Abdi

3 w

Climate Action Network Europe

Climate love

LIVErary: listening to stories from frontline communities & changemaker

Climate Action Network Europe has organized an online Liverary The Online LIVErary is a story-telling session where a number of “live books” (storytellers) would tell their story to a reduce audience of “readers” (attendees). It is an interactive session; it is an inspirational session where readers have the opportunity to learn a number of stories brought by their protagonists and exchange with them. Readers can learn via a live, intimate, face-to-face setting which encourages empowerment.  Climate activists and organisations in Europe fighting climate change run campaigns and conduct activities to try to influence decision-makers, advocating for ambitious climate and energy policies that puts our societies on track of reducing our multiple footprints in a way that is sustainable an fair. They work on different workstrands like mitigation, just transition, adaptation, loss and damages,...And they do it basing their claims in science, in the evidence of impact.However not always they have the opportunity to listen how this impacts look like in reality from people who are suffering them in the frontline communities. They often know what advocating for climate policies looks like but not always know or understand what fighting for climate justice looks like in the zone zero of climate change. I am happy to be one of the books titled Walking on the Footsteps of Wangari maathai (After living in the devastating situation of climate change in a small village in the dry lands of North Eastern Kenya, drawing her inspiration from late prof Wangari Maathai ,Rukia became the hope for her marginalized community to get climate justice) This was a great experience as l was able to share my story with people and it felt better.

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    3 w

    This is inspiring. A great approach towards educating the world on the need to conserve nature

    • Kevin

      3 w

      A great strategy

      • Joseph Githinji

        3 w

        This is a great strategy, information is power and sharing will enforce impact.

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