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CLIMATE-SMART TECHNOLOGY has always been close to VÄSTBO TRANSPORT´S heart. In recent years, a lot has happened on our climate journey.
- It is relevant to be far ahead. We want to be able to stay around for a long time and then you have to be on board, says Jacob Axelsson, CEO of Västbo Transport.
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Rock heat
The premises in Smålandsstenar, which were ready for occupancy in 2013, are heated by geothermal heat and 28 boreholes in the ground. In summer, we use the system to cool the company's office area.
The car wash
Under the ground, we have a 20 cubic meter tank where all rainwater is taken care of. We then use this water in the vehicle wash. The recycling rate of the wash water is high.
Solar cells
During 2021, roughly 700 solar panels were installed on the roof of Västbo Transport's premises in Smålandsstenar.
Led lighting
Most of the lighting has been replaced with LED lighting with presence control.
Biogas trucks
We have ordered a number of gas-powered trucks that will be delivered in 2023. These will function as distribution trucks that will mainly drive locally in the immediate area.
Electric trucks
Since the beginning of March 2023, circuit traffic in the local area is 100 percent electric through our two electric trucks. Soon you can read more about our investment in electric trucks here on our website.

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  • Rotich Kim

    35 w

    Technology is really advancing ✍️

    • Munene Mugambi

      35 w

      Innovation of climate friendly tech is how we make it through the climate crisis

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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