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Latest renewable energy type ET-Power dwarfs other renewables like Solar and Wind in efficiency and cost.
Enviro-Thermal (ET) Power converts heat from the environment directly into electricity at astonishing efficiencies in excess of 70%.
The developers are nearing completion of the first 100kW generator, which do not only generate electricity but also clean drinking water condensed straight from the air, keep in mind this machine runs on nothing but absorbed ambient heat!
This technology will allow free clean drinking water and electricity to anyone who has access to one of these incredible ET-Power generators. The tech is easily scaleable from a few watt to a few gigawatt therefore soon there will be no excuse for us not to give every person on the planet access to free clean drinking water and free power.
Furthermore modular units can be added to fossil fueled power stations as budgets allow for the gradual decarbonisation of these power stations, transforming them over time from fossil fuel powered to thermally powered entities and completely erradicating CO2 emmissions. This technology generates power at 50% the price of current coal, nuclear or even solar powered plants, therefore capatilism can be the driving force to commercialise ET Power and combat global warming!

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