Climate warning
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Emmanuel Macron

Climate warning

France is not prepared for the serious impacts of climate change,report warns.

Despite greenhouse gas emissions have declined,experts say efforts are still insufficient to reach 2030 targets.The country's High Council for Climate(HCC) has warned that France's action on greenhouse gas emissions is insufficient and the country is not ready to succumb the consequences. The 200-page report released on Wednesday 28 June reveals that the country was overwhelmed by extreme climate related events in 2022 which required emergency measures on an exceptional scale but extreme years of this kind are becoming increasingly common,it says. According to the report,while a framework for action on climate change is being developed,it has not so far included economic policy capable of triggering the acceleration needed to reach climate targets. "The decline in greenhouse gas emissions in France continues but at a rate that remains insufficient to achieve 2030 objectives," the High Council for Climate says. warns.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    49 w

    Not too surprising!

    • Joseph Githinji

      49 w

      This is sad. France authorities must now restructure their programs and set new targets. And more so correct on all the past mistakes that has lead them here.

      • johnte ndeto

        49 w

        It's a shame for the government to be so reckless and ignorant

        • rosebellendiritu

          49 w

          They know of the pending danger that arise due to these emissions yet it doesn't bother them

          • Esther Wanjiku

            49 w

            Of course they're not and it's definitely by choice and this can be justified by the ongoing France's secretive backing for oil exploration in Africa and elsewhere

            • Ajema Lydiah

              49 w

              How I wish climate deniers were being punished

              • Rashid Kamau

                49 w

                @ajema_lydiah The damage that climate deniers do is heinous, and they have no excuses.

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