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The culture of short-termism or obtaining the maximum benefit as quickly as possible and our planet's future

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I have one clear thing on my mind: since the first humans on earth, they have always wanted to improve, have a more comfortable life, and thus have more money and riches, that itself is not bad, human beings have to always improve by nature.
Thus, this is what human beings have done since the beginning, but it always has caused problems because some people fall into excessive avarice, and for them, the priority n# 1, and their objective is to become richer the sooner the better, no matter what they have to do to get those riches, and what the consequences are for the planet and the population.
What is exponentially increasing the problem, is technology, which allows us to do more things faster, create big companies owned by shareholders, which is making the spread of this culture widely or it is democratizing it.
Now, one big consequence of that is climate change, recently called the ebullition era by the UN, and day by day is getting worse.

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In the pictures above, there is a small example of all the phenomena that are occurring daily in everyday most places around the planet.
These phenomena have different grades of consequences for nature, biodiversity, and human beings depending on which part of the planet takes place, but, despite the fact that all of them are really negative ones, depending on the part of the planet, nowadays, in some countries are totally catastrophic ones, we have invented the term Climate justice, to define that people who emit the lees are suffering the most, leading another new concept as climate migrations
While all of this is happening, big companies and corporations are on the rally to obtain more benefits and provide bigger dividends to shareholders, and of course, they are achieving it.
The word here is growth, if, at any moment that is not happening, it is considered a failure, the culture now is that a company earns 10€mio one year and the next one 8€mio, they do not say we have a profit of 8€mio but a loss of 2€mio.
The following article is what has triggered me to write this note.

In this case, they are talking about BP, but you all know that it is exactly the same for all the big fossil fuel companies and others say, in the surrounding areas (banks, funds, etc)
This paragraph in the article shelf explains what I say before:

"The company blamed falling oil and gas markets for the drop in profits from $8.5bn in the same period last year when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ignited a rise in global energy markets."
It seems that a very catastrophic situation like the Russian invasion created the price basis, where not only does the world population have to suffer from climate consequences, but price inflation as well, with the same amount of money, people get fewer things, sometimes up to the point of not being enough for a decent human life.

The sum up all of this and I’ve said if we do not stop this immediately, and change our culture and behavior, quite soon, there is not going to be a planet like there was a few years ago, today we all see and know the changes, it is clearly stated that there is no plan B.
We all are advised by many sources, watch a lot of facts, and still, there are people that yet, their priority is the benefits above all.

I remembered the sentence in Kansa’s song “Dust in the Wind”, “All your money won’t another minute buy”, that, no negationist could dismiss it. But the big problem here is that they are cutting the minutes for the people tat are not guilty.

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    35 w

    This thought-provoking piece emphasizes the detrimental consequences of a culture focused on short-term gain at the expense of our planet's future. It's a poignant reflection on humanity's innate drive to improve and accumulate wealth, which, while not inherently negative, can lead to issues when driven by excessive avarice. The author highlights how technology and shareholder-driven companies exacerbate the problem, especially concerning climate change. The concept of climate justice and the subsequent climate migrations underscore the global disparities in climate impact.

    • Jesús Bartolome

      35 w

      @rukia_ahmed_abdi Nice comment Rukia, very good sum up of my message

    • George Kariuki

      35 w

      It is important to remember that we are all in this together.

    • Majdi Alnajjar

      35 w

      Inclusive ☀️

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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