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Bonn makes only lukewarm progress to tackle a red-hot climate crisis
Thousands of country representatives have spent the last two weeks in Germany at the UN Bonn Climate Conference, marking the mid-year point to the biggest climate summit of the year: COP29.
But despite being a core milestone each year for global climate discussions, there is troublingly little to show for it. And with less than six months before COP29 – and after years of negotiations – there has been a shameful lack of commitment on delivering for those on the frontline of the climate crisis.
Read the full comment piece from Partha Hefaz Shaikh, the Bangladesh policy director for WaterAid, here.

  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    3 w

    The continued failure to deliver and act on commitments from parties is alarmingly increasing and this raises a great concern on where we are heading with the climate crisis

    • zelda ninga

      4 w

      Bonn agenda, and finance negotiations so far have failed to reach an agreement and this is absurd .... we are all responsible for the effects of climate change so when people are affected they should be highly considered.

      • Vermeer Xie

        4 w

        Innovations like Solvatten can help solve the urgent survival problem, but more money and time are needed to build water infrastructure for living.

        • Victor Erik Ramos

          4 w

          Frustrating results from these SBs. With this being a major year of elections globally, lets hope the new governments that will be formed are informed and pressured into taking action and contributing to the loss and damage fund!

          • zelda ninga

            4 w

            @victor_erik_ramos These are My thoughts too i hope that people will make wise decisions in electing the right leaders who will take matters of climate change seriously.

            • Patrick Kiash

              3 w

              @victor_erik_ramos I support your thoughts, hope we will see huge development and change from the government that will be formed and change from current governments so far.

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