OX2 at COP28 - Renewable energy with a biodiversity focus at COP28

We recently joined We Don’t Have Time onstage for COP28, the biggest climate summit of the year to discuss the latest developments of renewable energy systems both in the Nordics and globally to answer the question of whether or not renewables can bridge the gaps in our energy systems once fossil fuels are phased out.
Our Chief Sustainability, Communications, and People Officer Katarina Grönwall joined the Stockholm studio of the Climate Hub to both co-host with moderator Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, and to set the scene for a session focusing on the latest sustainability solutions.
One of the main points of focus for us during this session was renewables that worked hand in hand with biodiversity, and how biodiversity can indeed “contribute to attacking the climate crisis”.
For the last few years at OX2, we have been focusing not on just the “what” of sustainability, but the “how”, posing the question of what can be done to not just provide new wind and solar farms for the planet, but what can be done to address the natural regions that these farms are being constructed in, both to address any disparities in biodiversity, and to work with nature, rather than against it.
This is supported by a mandate that “by 2030, we should have biodiversity initiatives in all of the solar and wind farms that we construct”.
“Sustainability is part of what we do. We deliver energy solutions but it is not enough just to do that, it’s about how you do it… How can we actually address the climate crisis in delivering our [wind and solar] parks?” said Katarina Grönwall.
“Sustainability is part of what we do. We deliver energy solutions but it is not enough just to do that, it’s about how you do it… How can we actually address the climate crisis in delivering our [wind and solar] parks?” said Katarina Grönwall.

The Åland Story - A Case of Biodiversity Meeting Sustainability

Later on during the session, our own Lotta Nummelin, Permit Manager at OX2, shared more on our biodiversity-focused projects and how we endeavor to be nature-positive.
One of the main pillars of this is our focus on Mitigation Hierarchies, a series of parameters we use in all our projects to ensure they are in line with nature and biodiverse goals.
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“Step one is to avoid harm… so we avoid areas with high natural values. Step two is minimizing environmental impact using better methods. For example, we do our work at different times of the year [to ensure the least amount of detrimental effects to the local fauna and flora].”
This is an ever-improving process, as we simultaneously collect a lot of data and run field models to accurately measure our impact and to track the betterment of the area as a result of our biodiversity initiatives.
One example of this that we shared was Project Björkskär, where we “test different surfaces, different structures, and different materials to find out what kind of foundations we can use and different artificial structures that can fit our conditions and increase biodiversity”.
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Summarizing the session, Lotta reflected on the state of affairs for initiatives like these: “We live in incredibly interesting times, we have an interesting journey ahead of us. We are combating climate change, but at the same time we are ensuring that we don’t lose biodiversity, but we could even increase it!”
COP28 has already proven itself to be a success by bringing into reality a historic deal on fossil fuel phase-outs - a radical and vital move that is going to make our renewable energy projects all the more critical.
We look forward to continuously working in a nature positive manner while providing the green energy systems that are going to fuel the planet of the future!
To see our full session at The Climate Hub, watch below!

About the COP28 Climate Hub

We Don’t Have Time hosted the COP28 Climate Hub, in partnership with Race To Zero, UNDP, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, amplifying the important high-level discussions at COP28 to a global audience. The live broadcast spanned over 10 days and covered a variety of climate-related topics.
Rewatch the COP28 Climate Hub anytime on We Don’t Have Time Play.
  • Martha Wilson

    12 w

    Really great info shared in this article.

    • mary Mwihaki

      16 w

      This is great to see focus on integrating renewable energy systems

      • Kriss Kiddo

        21 w

        This is an insightful session!well narrated about biodiversity.It deserve to be embraced by many.

        • victorpatrick

          23 w

          Excellent that you shared with us the set of criteria you employ to ensure that they are consistent with nature.

          • Homer Walls

            26 w

            A really enlightening meeting!

            • Esther Wanjiku

              28 w

              Indeed biodiversity has been key in the onslaught on climate change and we welcome all efforts that have come in handy in living the talk.

              • Tabitha Kimani

                28 w

                Saving and putting lots of emphasis on biodiversity is very critical and commendable

                • Jane Wangui

                  28 w

                  @tabitha_kimani embracing renewable energy will have a major impact in phasing out fossil fuels.

                • Princess

                  28 w

                  It's promising to see the emphasis on renewable energy with a biodiversity focus at COP28.

                  • Rotich Kim

                    28 w

                    This is good the knowledge share her give us more information to share more climate solutions

                    • walter lungayi

                      28 w

                      It's great to see a focus on integrating renewable energy systems with biodiversity and addressing the natural regions where these systems are implemented. This approach is crucial for a sustainable and holistic transition away from fossil fuels.

                      • George Kariuki

                        28 w

                        I believe that companies have a responsibility to protect the environment, and I am glad to see that OX2 is taking this responsibility seriously. I hope that other companies will follow their example and work to make their operations more sustainable.

                      • Munene Mugambi

                        28 w

                        It's a good panel and the issues discussed are certainly paramount to how we handle our current problems and I think we need to deal with biodiversity in all forms to ensure we have a wide variety of vegetation and nature to support our goals

                        • Patrick Kiash

                          29 w

                          Great for letting us know the series of parameters you use to make sure they are in line with nature.

                          • Sarah Chabane

                            29 w

                            A very insightful session! Thanks for that

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