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Leading nations in emissions reduction via renewables & policies
The Green Future Index 2022 reveals that some leaders have advanced thanks to improved climate policies. Here are inspiring countries that are reducing their emissions through effective integrations of renewable resources and efficient policies:
United Kingdom. The UK has been "aggressive" in its investment in clean energy, rising from 17th to fourth place since the ranking from the previous year. The country has more installed capacity than any other state, with offshore wind powering over 7.5 million homes. This significantly contributes to the government’s goal of decarbonizing its power system by 2035, with a plan to increase this by four times by 2030.
New Zealand. The country has 84% of electricity usage renewable. By 2035, the state will have consumed 50% of its total energy from renewable resources, and by 2030, it will produce 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.
Norway. In Norway, renewable energy sources produced 98% of the country’s electricity as of 2016, with hydropower taking the lead. So, it means the importance of this natural resource that became Norway’s power profile since they have been using it to generate power from rivers and waterfalls since the late 1800s.
Iceland. Nearly all of Iceland’s electricity production in 2015 came from a combination of hydropower and geothermal power. In fact, geothermal energy is used to heat 90% of homes. The UN has even suggested that Iceland’s transition to geothermal energy could serve as a model for countries looking to make the switch.
Costa Rica. For more than 8 years in a row, Costa Rica produced 98% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2022. They are carrying out the same action this year. Additionally, this country set a world record in 2018 by using only renewable energy for 300 days!
  • Rashid Kamau

    39 w

    Renewables are the path we must choose

    • Munene Mugambi

      39 w

      We need to maximise renewable energy production

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