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Bees are Still Being Harmed Despite Tightened Pesticide Regulations

A new study has found that pesticides commonly used in farmland are significantly harming bumblebees, Ireland's most important wild pollinators. The study, which involved researchers from eight European countries, found that despite tightened pesticide regulations, more needs to be done to protect these vital insects.
The study's findings show that bumblebees exposed to pesticides experience reduced colony performance, including lower production of cocoons, lower maximum colony weight, and fewer new queens. The researchers also found that pesticides have a more harmful effect on bumblebees in landscapes with less habitat.
The study's authors argue that the current assumption of pesticide regulation – that chemicals which individually pass laboratory tests and semi-field trials are safe for the environment – is not enough to protect bees and other pollinators. They call for a more holistic approach to pesticide risk assessment that takes into account the real-world conditions that bees are exposed to.
The study's findings support the need for sustainability goals to reduce pesticide use and risk. Ireland is already leading the way in this effort, with a goal of reducing pesticide use by 2050. The All Ireland Pollinator Plan is also working to boost pollinator habitat across Ireland, which can help to mitigate the harmful effects of pesticides.
Protecting pollinators is essential for both agriculture and wild plant pollination. The findings of this study underscore the importance of taking action to reduce pesticide use and protect these vital insects.

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    20 w

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    • Jane Wangui

      20 w

      Bees are very important.Their role cannot be played by any other insect.Most pesticides are not safe for them which is very concerning.They should be banned and action to be taken against those who violate.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        20 w

        More strict measure should be put in place to protect the bees, the harmful pesticides should be banned completely

        • johnte ndeto

          20 w

          Harmful pesticides should be replaced with close friendly means of handling parasites

          • Princess

            20 w

            It's concerning that bees are still getting hurt even with stricter rules on pesticides

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