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The official website of the United Nations Organization has published the "Water Ambassadors Initiative", presented by Ambassador/ Mostafa Sherbiny, European Climate Pact Ambassador in Egypt, representing the Voluntary Team for Humanitarian Action, on its official website. indicating that it aims to achieve water security through awareness. And training on calculating the water footprint in Egypt and the Arab and African community. And the United Nations stated that the “Water Ambassadors Initiative” was chosen as part of the results of the recommendations of the activities of participation in the United Nations Water Conference, which was held last March, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and a representative of the volunteer team, Dr. Mostafa Sherbiny, participated in it, and under the supervision of the National Institute. For quality, headed by Mohamed Etman, and Dr. Magdy Allam, President of the Climate Specific Climate Union in Egypt, the initiative was chosen and published because it works to accelerate the achievement of the sixth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is the goal on water sustainability. The organization's website stated that the initiative aims to organize a training diploma for the water footprint periodically, participate in United Nations events and international events, transfer experiences to water ambassadors, organize international events, conferences and forums on water conservation and innovation development, and form a team of volunteers in the name of water ambassadors working to raise awareness. Raising awareness and inspiring society about the need for fair use of water, provided that the initiative will be officially launched on the first of next June, and will end in 2030. The United Nations stated that the expected impact of the initiative is to achieve water security by rationalizing water consumption and enhancing the efficiency of its use, by calculating the water footprint of all products and companies through water ambassadors, to preserve water resources, which calls for the need to reduce consumption and bring it closer to global levels
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