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Bridgestone presents sustainable car tires made from recycled material
By: Hidde Middelweerd

Recycled plastic, steel and carbon black, vegetable oil and resin, more sustainable rubber… The new car tire from the American Bridgestone is full of sustainable innovations. It consists of 37 percent recycled material, 38 percent renewable material and will be prepared for the market this year.
Bridgestone has now produced two hundred copies of the sustainable car tire. And they have also been extensively tested. Cooperation is currently being sought with car manufacturers to apply the car tires to electric SUVs and CUVs.

Recycled and renewable material
The tire consists of various recycled materials, such as plastic, steel and carbon black (a powder that makes tires black and wear-resistant, among other things). The new rubber that is still in the tires is made from the desert plant guayule, which is grown on American soil. This also brings sustainable benefits. The natural rubber of guayule serves as an alternative to the rubber of the Brazilian rubber tree, which mainly grows in Southeast Asia. In other words: the import of rubber is declining. In addition, guayule needs fifty percent less water to grow.

Bridgestone also has follow-up ambitions. In 2050, the company wants to use only sustainable materials in its car tires. It is currently working on a tire for passenger cars that consists of 90 percent recycled and renewable materials.
Recycle car tires
Car tires have a significant impact on the environment, especially after their service life. Every year, more than one billion car tires end up in the trash and the vast majority of them are incinerated. This is accompanied by a lot of CO2 emissions, because current car tires consist largely of fossil raw materials.

It is therefore not only important that car tires consist more and more of recycled and renewable materials, but also that they are recycled more often. The Dutch Black Bear Carbon has a solution for this and has since grown into an international player. The company (based on the Chemelot Sittard-Geleen industrial cluster) is able to recover the carbon black from used car tyres, a powder that is normally produced in a polluting manner, by burning heavy petroleum fractions.
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  • Grace Njeri

    61 w

    This is an incredible progress in the use of recycled and renewable materials to bring sustainable tire technology from the drawing board to the driveway

    • Tabitha Kimani

      61 w

      This is a super innovation.

      • Tabitha Kimani

        61 w

        This is a super innovation.

        • Waigwa Monica

          61 w

          It is always encouraging to see innovative actions like this. Well done Bridgestone.

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