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📢Climate crisis - why politics CAN'T fix it!
What we can deduce from the current farmers' protests in Germany with regard to the expected effectiveness of climate policy:
The current protest by farmers in Berlin has once again impressively demonstrated that it is part of a long chain of resistance in which previously planned climate policy measures are subsequently watered down or reduced to a minimal compromise - similar to the Building Energy Act (GEG). In principle, nobody wants unchecked climate change, but as soon as the desired measures affect their own wallet or personal comfort zone, the willingness to support them is significantly reduced.
💡This is why we cannot expect our democracy to set the course quickly and effectively in response to the crisis. Even if this political system is otherwise sensible because it (usually) produces balanced laws and prevents extremes, it reacts far too sluggishly when it comes to climate policy and inherently evades pressure.
➡️We should finally recognize this fact and dare to make the consequent paradigm shift!
🍃Limited personal emissions budgets by means of a complementary climate currency ECO (Earth Carbon Obligation) intrinsically motivate the industry to decarbonize their production processes. This is because they produce what we (can) buy with our limited budgets. In this way, the technology that is able to achieve the greatest reduction in emissions at the lowest cost and with the least effort is automatically applied - and this without the need to implement often unpopular political measures and monitor compliance with them.
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  • George Kariuki

    14 w

    Together, we can push for the paradigm shift needed to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.

    • Munene Mugambi

      14 w

      I think it is important to reach an agreeable compromise between the farmers and the German government. The farmers grow food consumed by most of the European Union and hurting their pockets and farms means prices of basic commodities will keep on rising without a significant change in climate being visible. I therefore think if the government of Germany really wants to deal with climate change it should; 1. Cut on government travel which significantly increases carbon emissions 2. Fund R&D in renewables and EVs that are capable of substituting tractors used by the farmers. 3. Cut on funding activities that increase Germany's carbon footprint within and outside of Germany (like any war funding should be scrapped as it comes with extra carbon footprint) 4. Work with the farmers to come up with policies acceptable by all parties. It is not advisable to agitate the person who feeds you and a war with farmers is one that does not end well for the people of Germany who should be the German government's primary concern. Efforts to go after farmers while the government is actively flying and issuing licenses to private jets as well as funding crisis are null and will only hurt all parties involved.

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