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Interviewing Dörte Hirschberg on climate tech investments

The tide has surely turned on climate tech investments and we are here for it! 👀 In conversation with Heather Johnstone before her plenary talk at the SET Tech Festival 2022, Dörte Hirschberg, general partner at Climentum Capital, explains the changing mind-set in the VC industry. VCs now increasingly look to combine smarter means to fund tech that can rapidly hurtle us toward #netzero ways of living. 💬 “In the climate tech space, as the pressure is so high and the macro trends so strong…we now have the chance to make high impact and high financial returns. I expect that in the next 5 years more impact categories will join [the climate tech investment] wave. ” Catch Dörte’s advice for start-ups looking to secure funding, Climentum Capital’s unique position as an investment firm and why it calls the Berlin start-up hub, one of its bases. 🎬 Watch the interview 👉 #investortips #climatetech #fundingtips #SETFF22 #EnlitontheRoad

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