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Climate warning

Germany Poland Italy Bulgaria all want to revoke 2035 agreement on ICE vehicles .

With things as bad as they are, typical of politicians and those corrupt individual’s who have interests in the fossil fuel industry and their investment’s but absolutely non for humanity and the planet’s future. Sad Times. Today 7th Wissen announced that Germany were not going to vote on the ban on new ICE vehicles after 2035. It is time to get rid of all our politician’s and replace them and a new system that will save our only home and our lives. Sad Times. The warning is directed at Mr Wissen of the FDP party. Unfortunately I am unable to change the climate warning window.

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  • Saustine Lusanzu

    67 w

    No word's now we need action

    • Jennie

      67 w

      This is not okay! We need progress, not moving backwards!

      • Uwe Gramann

        67 w

        Hi unfortunately that is the only part of the post that it won’t allow me to alter:(

        • Marine Stephan

          67 w

          @uwe_gramann you could maybe recreate a post? It would help it reach more people as well

        • Marine Stephan

          67 w

          Hi, This climate warning shouldn't be sent to We Don't Have Time, but to either the German, Polish, Italian or Bulgarian governments. Otherwise, none of them will be help accountable for their decisions and actions

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