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Our #OceanAnimalOfTheMonth channels the fierceness and majesty of the God of Mars himself 🌊🐉⚔️
Meet the dragon moray eel, a predator as striking as its namesake. Rarely seen and highly reclusive, the dragon moray eel makes its home in the rocky crevices of coral reefs, emerging mainly at night to hunt.
Spanning from the East Coast of Africa to the Polynesian islands, the dragon moray eel's habitat is as diverse as the unique set of marks on its skin. March, named after Mars, the god of war, is the perfect time to highlight these animals!
Some fast facts about the dragon moray eel:
🔱 Can grow up to 80 cm in length.
🛡️ Use their excellent sense of smell to compensate for poor eyesight.
🦞 Their diet is carnivorous, feasting on small fish and crustaceans.
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  • Patrick Kiash

    5 w

    Thank you for sharing with us this rich educative information about Dragon Moray eel.

    • Lewis Pugh Foundation

      2 w

      @patrick_kiash Every ocean species is a species worth talking about 🙏🐉

    • Marine Stephan

      5 w

      It truly looks like a dragon, it is pretty cool (or scary) to see that most fantastic creatures actually exist in nature

      • Lewis Pugh Foundation

        2 w

        @marine_stephan It really does! It's mind-blowing how many weird and wonderful creatures live in the ocean alone 😆

      • Sarah Chabane

        5 w

        😱 Scary, I wouldn't like to meet one of them at sea!! We need to protect biodiversity even when they are not cute and cuddly

        • Lewis Pugh Foundation

          2 w

          @sarah_chabane_874 Best admired from afar but still deserving of our love and protection

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