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Been following COP28? The climate change conference where thousands of world leaders tackle one of the biggest issues of our time? COP28 runs for a few days yet, but it has already had its fair share of highlights: . 🌎 The biggest news: COP28 president, Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber (who is also head of the UAE's renewable energy company, Masdar, and the chief executive of the UAE's oil company, Adnoc) made headlines when he stated that there was 'no science' behind the need to phase out fossil fuels. He went on to say that the phase out is inevitable but phasing them out won't limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Unsurprisingly, UN leadership and other experts have clashed with the statements, saying they tread close to climate denial. (In our opinion, the quote is taken a bit out of context from the full debate, but still, it's a message that doesn't align with global climate goals and is especially alarming coming from a COP president). . 🌎 In slightly better news: An initial $420 million has been pledged for the Loss and Damage Fund, a fund meant to assist communities in developing countries suffering from the worst of climate change. Last year, disagreements on funding sources and amounts kept its creation stalled, but now large pledges by the EU and the UAE have at least pushed it into existence. . 🌎 On the bright side: 63 countries (including the US!) pledged to cut cooling-related emissions by 68% (compared to 2022 levels) by 2050. Because in a warming world, all we need is more electricity from fossil-fuel sources being used to cool our homes, further fueling the crisis. . . We took information from a variety of sources to create this post. See all of our sources on

. Graphic shows the COP28 logo. The image reads: "'No Science' behind oil phase out?, Loss and Damage funding, cut cooling-related emissions." . Pixel Planet Today is created by @terrabyte. Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. ❤️🌎 . . #cop28 #noscience #uaeconference #gogreen #climatechange #phaseoutphasedown #un #unitednations #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign

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  • Munene Mugambi

    19 w

    The science backs oil phasing out and only deniers are against this

    • Grace Njeri

      19 w

      @munene_mugambi It's dubious to be lead by climate deniers.

      • Pixel Planet Today

        19 w

        @munene_mugambi it truly is baffling (and scary!) to hear a COP president say there is "no science" behind the push for phase out

        • mercy nduta

          19 w

          @munene_mugambi It's baffling we have climate deniers!

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