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🌍 Nature never stops to amaze me! 🐦 Take the bar-tailed godwit, for instance. These majestic birds are able to fly over 11,000 kilometers (6,835 miles) each way from Alaska to New Zealand and Australia. 😯 What's truly astonishing is that some of them accomplish this incredible feat without any stopovers! 🔗 In this article, I explain how their bodies transform to enable such non-stop flights 👇 :

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A bar-tailed godwit (credit: No-longer-here on Pixabay)
A bar-tailed godwit (credit: No-longer-here on Pixabay)

  • Harrison wambui

    51 w

    Let's conserve the environment

    • Tabitha Kimani

      51 w

      Lets protect the nature and that is in it.

      • Annett Michuki..

        51 w

        beautiful birds that's needs our protection

        • ance Star

          51 w

          Let's conserve the wild bird cretures

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