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Xbox rolls out an update aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, making it the first "carbon aware" game console

Over the past few months, Microsoft's Xbox division has regularly made efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its consoles by reducing energy usage through more options available to the users. This week, they announced a new update rolling out for the console, making it "Carbon Aware".
What this means is that Xbox, for the purpose of downloads, updates, etc. will use data available on the composition of your location's energy grid, and automatically shift its update and activity to happen at times in the day where the energy grid is powered by a larger share of renewable energy, thus lowering its carbon generation.
Beyond this welcome innovation from Xbox in the gaming space, we can start to imagine more and more connected devices using the same type of technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy they use on a day to day basis. If this were to be rolled out on a larger scale, it could have a very significant impact.

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  • Waigwa Monica

    74 w


    • Marine Stephan

      74 w

      This is great! A good example to follow

      • Tabitha Kimani

        74 w

        Wow. data is very important in this field of climate change.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          74 w

          Great move

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