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For not closing down Stockholm Bromma Airport

The Swedish government has announced it will not go ahead with plans to close Bromma airport during the mandate period, Infrastructure Minister Andreas Carlson (KD) announced on Monday afternoon. Even though the owner Swedavia has previously presented an analysis which showed that it is no longer profitable to operate Bromma airport and also considering that we are in the middle of a Climate Crisis 🤡 Bromma airport is mostly used for domestic flights and instead of investing in train infrastructures, the government thinks it should be preserved so Businessmen can continue to fly for 65 minutes between Stockholm and Gothenburg. "As aviation emissions decrease, there is less and less reason to feel flight shame", said the Minister who lives on another planet and thinks that Bromma Airport has an important role in the transformation of aviation, especially for electric flights. Why wouldn't they develop these alternatives in Stockholm's 2 other airports? Bromma airport is not needed. Let's transform it into something useful for the whole society.

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    73 w

    The delay of closing it raises alot of questions

    • Tabitha Kimani

      73 w

      If this airport has failed, nothing would make it work not even the delay in closing it down which is the better option.

      • Peter Kamau

        73 w

        What ill motive could the government be having?

        • rosebellendiritu

          73 w

          @peter_kamau it sounds suspicious

        • George Kariuki

          73 w

          In light of the ongoing climate crisis, it is essential to consider the potential environmental impact of any such decision.

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