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Curbing Environmental pollution through Recycling fostering Circular Economy

Taka Taka solutions translated in Swahili to waste solutions is a Kenyan enterprise that is addressing the problematic issue of waste management in Nairobi due to urbanization. The enterprise through its team collects waste in residential areas, apartments, and in the town center which is recycled bringing 95% of the waste back to life and taken to local industries as raw materials reliably and sustainably. In addition, the enterprise provides solutions in the agriculture sector by availing organic fertilizer from where it makes thousands of kilograms of organic fertilizer on its compost site daily. To reduce its carbon emissions from its trucks the enterprise sorts waste from the collection point, this ensures that more waste is carried in the space created after sorting has been done and fewer trips are made. I admired how gender inclusive the enterprise is whereby 50% of its 350 employees are female, this is a great way of making climate action profitable for everyone. Congratulations taka taka solution for the amazing work you are doing in Kenya and looking forward to seeing you expand to the entire East African region.

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  • Mercy Munyiri

    76 w

    Awesome, glad to see what takataka are doing toads building a habitable environment.

    • Liz mwelu

      86 w


      • Marryanne nyambura

        86 w

        Waste management is a brilliant idea

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