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Rashid Kamau

22 w

Walk, bike or use public transport to reduce air pollution
If you have an option, take public transport to get to work. Many cities have invested a lot on public transport so that people can benefit from them.

Using public transport would mean that there would be fewer cars on the road. Many governments also encourage people to use public transport and offer great benefits upon usage.

The common advantages that are offered in public transport are cheap long-term fares, shorter times to reach destinations (especially electric trains), less waiting time, and free fares for certain times and/or for seniors and students; and also punctuality.

For example, In Vienna, Austrian capital, they offer a yearly ticket to their extensive public transport network for only 1 Euro a day. It means that if you are a yearly card holder, you can travel for 1 Euro as much as you want in a day.

In Germany, students can travel for free on the weekends and after 6 pm daily. In many cities the government invests upon electric buses and other modern vehicles to reduce the carbon emissions in the air.

Walking or riding a bike to work has its own benefits as well. You would be able to reach your work with lower traffic stress and can take shorter routes to get to work faster.

Both of these activities (walking and riding a bike) can contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving your health and confidence.
However; while riding a bike or walking, you should be careful in order to take the route which has less pollution in the air rather than roads with heavy traffic so that you don’t breathe in carbon emissions.
  • Kaloki mutindi

    21 w

    a system if well adapted can lead to zero exhaution.

    • Edwin wangombe

      21 w

      I agree with you and it will be even more better if the public transportation uses green clean energy

      • Daryl Cleary

        21 w

        When you must drive or ride make it a zero exhaust vehicle/machine that is fueled with Nonpollution Emitting rooftop/parking lot sunshine, the wind, geothermal or ocean energy

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