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Innovation: Self-sufficiency in solar energy. Even in darkness

Zero Sun™ – our project of the future has a dark side Building a modern house that is self-sufficient in solar energy is one thing. But it is quite another to do it where the sun is conspicuous by its absence for much of the year. På svenska. Zero Sun is the experiment that demonstrates that solar power – when combined with the right technology – is one of the keys to the future supply of sustainable energy. The winters here in the Nordics are long, cold and dark. Our aim is to show that if the experiment can be done here, it can be done anywhere. Self-sufficiency in solar energy. Even in darkness. What we have built near Vitberget in Skellefteå is no ordinary house. Even though it may look like it from the outside. Because this comfortable house with modern furnishings has a unique energy system on the roof, inside the building, and underground. It is an energy system where solar cells, batteries, electrolysis, geothermal, hydrogen and fuel cell operation interact to ensure that the house is able to cope using its own energy supplies in the tough Nordic climate with long dark winters and short bright summers. This holistic solution means that the house can store solar energy during the sunny months, and then use the surplus in darker times. Something that used to be virtually impossible. A real-time experiment with technology from around the world With Zero Sun, we and our partners aim to explore the possibilities of solar energy and make the technology behind it even more efficient, reliable and accessible. We can take what we learn here and use it to help people, companies and organizations – even far beyond our own sun-starved Nordic latitudes. Zero Sun is not intended to be a finished solution, but an experiment where we will test, evaluate, improve and go again. – Zero Sun is part of Skellefteå Kraft’s efforts to learn more about the next generation of energy systems. To drive the transition to a 100% renewable energy system, we need to be inventive and focus on technical innovation, says Fredrik Jonsson, Head of Business Innovation at Skellefteå Kraft. You can read more about the experiment at ”We are constantly looking for opportunities to be part of the solution. That’s why we liked the idea of building a self-sufficient solar energy house in one of the darkest places on earth” Fredrik Jonsson, business area manager innovation at Skellefteå Kraft

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  • Daniel Waweru

    48 w

    Outstanding climate solutions, Clean and sustainable energy

    • Munene Mugambi

      53 w

      I think this is a milestone innovation

      • Peter Kamau

        53 w

        Managing to harness solar energy even during winter leave alone during the night is a ground breaking invention.

        • Tabitha Kimani

          53 w

          This is what we have been waiting for. A super solution in solar utilization.

          • Patrick Kiash

            53 w

            Interesting experiment. May the idea see the light of the day and be a solution to many in the future.

            • rosebellendiritu

              53 w

              I would call this a learning process, results are much awaited.

              • Christina Carlmark

                53 w

                Solar power when there is no sun - very interesting!

                • Cruz and the Derp

                  53 w

                  This seems like an amazing experiment. Eager to see what becomes of it!!

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