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Sarah Chabane

12 w

Romina Pourmokhtari

Climate warning

Why is Sweden authorising one of the largest lynx hunts this year?

Yesterday started the biggest license hunt for lynx in Sweden since 2010. The number of animals allowed to be shot is almost twice as high as last year. The purpose of license-hunting is to regulate the number of lynxes and prevent damage to domestic animals and reindeer. This year, 201 lynxes may be shot. Last year the same figure was 125 animals and the year before that 65. But many organisations such as WWF believe that the number is disproportionate and is not in line with the EU's legislation.
- Lynxes have an important function in our ecosystems. The rapid loss of biological diversity is frightening and it is difficult to see how this year's remarkably large lynx hunt is compatible with the EU's species and habitats directive, says Gustaf Lind, Secretary General of the WWF.
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The Swedish lynx tribe is relatively small and comprises around 1440 individuals. The increase in the population is slow and illegal hunting is, along with legal hunting, the biggest cause of death for adult lynxes. Since 1995, licensed hunting has been carried out to protect domestic animals and reindeer but the hunt is disproportionate when taking them as an excuse.
WWF and SLU (the Swedish Agricultural University) are both recommending preventive measures that safeguard the coexistence between humans and predators such as predator-proof fences to reduce predator damage to domestic animals.

Lodjursjakt väcker skarp kritik – största på flera år

Under onsdagen börjar årets licensjakt på lodjur. Antalet djur som får skjutas har nästintill fördubblats sen i fjol. Världsnaturfonden WWF är kritiska till beslutet och kallar det oproportionerligt. – Vi ser stora möjligheter till förebyggande åtgärder istället, säger organisationens rovdjursexpert Benny Gäfvert till SVT.

Största lodjursjakten på över 10 år – WWF beklagar licensjakten

Den 1 mars startar den svenska lodjursjakten som kan bli den största sedan 2010.

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  • Jennie

    11 w

    This is not okay! We need a healthy population and they have little to no consequences for sheep farmers. This is just people who want to trophy hunt!

    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      12 w

      This is very wrong! Something must be done to protect lynx

      • john linus Tom

        12 w

        Too bad immediately action should be taken

        • Joseph Githinji

          12 w

          This is sad, extinction is real,lynx life matter. We need them for a good balance of our ecosystem


            12 w

            Hunting can have negative impacts on lynx populations, as it can lead to a decrease in genetic diversity and potentially even local extinction.

            • Patrick Kiash

              12 w

              EU legislation, should coming in and safeguard lynxes from this type of hunting.

              • Tabitha Kimani

                12 w

                This is a wrong move. Shouldn't the authorities be thinking of how to conserve the lynx.

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