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Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. I'm a middle school student, a Chinese/Pakistani citizen that has been living in Islamabad, Pakistan for my entire life. I'm an avid traveler and after travelling to many countries I made a realization that Islamabad used to be such a beautiful city. However, for the past year, Pakistan has been facing a multitude of different issues varying in different degrees, all affecting the lifestyle of everyone living here. There's a power crisis here, and the power goes out every few hours. You see pollution in a lot more places now than before. Parks are littered with plastic bags everywhere and not many people care about the environment anymore. However, I believe that Islamabad can return to it's initial beauty with a little love, care and patience. I hope all of us can maintain our individual contributions to our communities and help each other, and no matter how far away we are from each other, we're all working towards a common goal!
  • Sarah Chabane

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    Welcome, Dawaer! Do you know any companies or organisations working to tackle the power shortages? Thanks to sustainable energy for example?

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