Senator Moses Kajwang's post

At the Senate of Kenya , I shared my insights on how we can speed up #BeatingPlasticPollution as In the 2023 World Environment Day’s theme Borrowing from Ghana which is proposing a Global Plastic pollution fee at the UN which will be levied on great plastic producers including global beverage companies, I would be happy if we are increasing the taxes on producers of plastics which end up chocking the Environment. As much as Kenya has hon on the ban on Single use plastic, there are other innovations that we can consider like imposing higher levies.

  • Rashid Kamau

    53 w

    Thank you Mr. Senator,we trully need sober leaders like you to drive such positive climate motions into implementations.

    • Munene Mugambi

      53 w

      Good to have your insights

      • ance Star

        53 w

        Hoping for the positive resluts

        • Anita Soina 🇰🇪

          53 w

          Thank you boss for saying it as it is. 👏I love the approach

          • bonke reinhard

            53 w

            By doing so we can limit the use of plastics in our countries that lead to a massive destruction of our environment

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