Raymond Ford's post

Thought this would be a good video to watch. My dear friend Stuart Scott ( now passed ) is the gentleman on the left. Stuart was instrumental @ introducing Greta to the UN . My takeaway is that we have to do new stuff to push the agenda of saving our only home Planet Earth. Please note there is NO Carbon budget as per the IPCC THE budget was used up in 1987 .. this means that the IPCC is fudging numbers. This is why the urgency to get off of fossil fuels and increases the urgency 1,000 fold.

  • Ingmar Rentzhog

    34 w

    This was a very special moment. The world owns a lot to Stuart for what he did!

    • Raymond Ford

      34 w

      Stuart was a very special person and I was blessed to have him influence my life.

    • Inger-Mette Stenseth

      34 w


      • Inger-Mette Stenseth

        34 w

        We are preparing for its4.earth for COP. To address FF we do with a new narrative. ...and we need good people to support.

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