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Kenyan pastoralists fight for a future adapted to climate change (commentary

Pastoralism provides much of the milk and protein consumed in Kenya, but it faces a perilous future especially from climate change but also a lack of infrastructure and land rights. Recent droughts have exacerbated the challenges, leading to conflict between pastoralist communities struggling to find enough forage and water for livestock. Fresh ideas and new programs are arising to help ease the situation in areas of northern Kenya, from where this dispatch originates.

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  • George Kariuki

    7 w

    This highlights the interconnected challenges of climate justice, sustainable development, and community resilience. Supporting their efforts through various means is crucial for building a more just and sustainable future for all.

    • We Don't Have Time

      7 w

      Dear Rotich Kim Your climate love has received over 50 agrees! We have reached out to Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development by email and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! To reach more people and increase the chance of a response, click the Share button above to share the review on your social accounts. For every new member that joins We Don't Have Time from your network, we will plant a tree and attribute it to you! /Adam, We Don't Have Time

      • Joseph Githinji

        7 w

        Pastoralist work so hard but get so little, I agree that the government should intervene and give aid to this pastoralist by giving them some value addition for their products.

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          7 w

          For their relentless efforts to conserve Kenya's savanna, Pastoralists need government support in terms of infrastructure, climate resiliency tools and legal land protections.I believe this will see them do more and more.

          • Chris Ndungu

            7 w

            I also accede with those who says the government should intervene, Pastoralism brings allot of positive impact in our country. They should not face those perilous threats!

            • zelda ninga

              7 w

              Pastoralism faces perilous threats today from climate change, population growth, land pressures, and tribal conflicts. Warmer temperatures and more extreme droughts are increasing the number of livestock raids among tribes across the region.

              • Felix mokaya

                7 w

                The government should intervene on this especially when it comes to the land rights and also the infrastructure .Pastoralists play a great role in ensuring that their livestock do get green pasture and water ,therefore ,providing milk and protein to the best part of the world .Hope that the new ideas and programs will be formulated as early as possible

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