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Climate idea

A tree a home. There is need to apply bottom up in forestry by offering climate education from grassroots upwards

I identify as a green politician and in the just concluded general elections in Kenya, I was the youngest candidate for the position of a member of parliament. I ran on a green platform and green agendas topped the list of my agendas. With the tough political environment for youths and Women, I did not give up as I wanted to take the Climate conversation to the corridors of power. We Don't Have Time My name is Anita Soina , a 22 year old passionate Environmentalist and Climate Change advocate from the Maasai community in Kenya. I started actively participating in environment conservation at the age of 18 after learning about SDGs at the age of 17 (in 2017). Without any class background on Environment conservation and with little and sometimes no resources at all I started by doing my little thing which was planting trees and after sometime I founded an organisation called "SpiceWarriors" where we offer climate education in institutions and offer climate training from grassroots upwards . That's our bottom up. We also mentor young children which saw us start an online academy called "SpiceWarriors kids". We also introduced Trees for special days where we organise and encourage members to plant trees during special days like birthdays, weddings, graduations, Valentine's Day etc MY CLIMATE IDEA I Celebrate my birthday on 24th December and at this time most of my friends are usually away for Christmas celebrations and this forces me to organise my birthday tree growing before or after. This year I have decided to do it in a unique way. I will plant trees in 23 homes with 23 fans of mine in 23 counties in Kenya (and beyond if resources allow) between 20th November to 24th December. And we will expand and continue after then as a continuous project. Why am I doing this? I realised that Kenya has had a problem achieving the required minimum tree and forest cover. One of the reasons being ; most individuals have not been involved on a personal level. Imagine if today we visit households , plant fruit trees, indigenous trees and even add those of commercial purposes.. what will happen ? It will encourage them to engage in tree growing and with time they will see the need to have more tree cover. If every individual, institution, household and families attain the required least tree cover of 10% then Kenya will surely surpass that.

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  • Cyril David

    29 w


    • Patrick Kiash

      29 w

      Superb idea!

      • George Hohbach

        30 w

        Hi Anita, great idea. As you know, I've been researching Albert Einstein's ground-breaking scientific discovery that LOCAL SYMMETRY (harmony, balance, unity, wholeness) is the primary feature in Nature, i.e., in our amazing cosmos, to generate a interconnected unity-network. So, I think your idea is just wonderful to start locally and expand this eco-intelligent idea. Thanks for sharing this initiative with me! Best wishes, George

        • Tabitha Kimani

          30 w

          A workable idea

          • Valentine muendi

            30 w

            Great mind Let's do this together

            • Kihm Francis

              30 w

              What a great idea. Planting a tree is planting hope for future.

              • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                30 w

                Trees for birthday are really awesome,l have been practicing it for the last 5 years and the result is awesome, Great climate idea,hope it reaches to them

                • Njeri Jeniffer Wangui

                  30 w

                  let's do this. 23trees for Soina💚

                  • Edwin wangombe

                    30 w

                    An amazing idea

                    • Grace Nyambura Kimaru

                      30 w

                      Wow. This a great Idea. You will definitely make a positive impact. Good job

                      • Clive Donnley

                        30 w

                        Let's do this. 🌳

                        • Gorffly mokua

                          30 w

                          This is Brilliant & easily workable! As environmentalists & climate activists, I think this is the best way to celebrate our birthdays. Your endless determination & zeal to conserve our environment is admirable.

                          • Andrew Karim

                            30 w

                            Every day new species are discovered across the African continent and Kenya no doubt has many hidden gems. How the land is exploited is important in the conservation of these wildlife habitats. Land excavations for solar panels and even powerlines can completely disrupt ecological environments. Kenya is amongst the countries that are developing their energy strategies to enable more people to use electricity day and night but this should not be at the cost of the environment. Active Kinetic 1 motion energy will be a useful solution that is ready to impact every part of the globe.

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