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voters in England support action on climate crisis

For all the fanfare about UK political parties facing pressure to re-examine their climate policies given the cost of living crisis, voters in two areas near clean air zones support measures to ensure net zero targets are met. Wrangling in the aftermath of last Thursday’s byelection, when Labour narrowly lost out on winning Uxbridge and South Ruislip, has pushed briefings by some MPs into overdrive about what policies should be reconsidered. But people who voted Labour in 2019, as well as those who voted Tory, said the row had largely passed them by. During a focus group, convened by More in Common for the Guardian, they broadly backed current commitments to tackle climate change – and in some areas thought the government should go further.

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  • Kevin

    46 w

    The electorate willing to do what the leaders aren't.

    • Peter Kamau

      46 w

      It's quite unfortunate that the UK citizens are willing to take climate action while the administration isn't.

      • Munene Mugambi

        46 w

        Will the UK government back the people's agenda?

        • Peter Karanga

          46 w

          This is very encouraging news! It's inspiring to see that voters in England are recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis and supporting action to address it. Public support is crucial in driving political will and fostering meaningful change. Let's hope that this increased awareness and concern translates into concrete policies and initiatives that prioritize a sustainable and resilient future for all.

          • John Thomas

            46 w

            I don't know why this looks like a positive for the UK government.. Recent announcements have shown the top echelons of our current government regard the climate crisis as something trivial to be left to future generations to sort out. Even as the world burns ..

            • bonke reinhard

              46 w

              Woow those votes have made the right decision. We must fight climate crisis together

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