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Celebrating our connections with nonhumans provide us the strength to stand up for the whole world

In this UN world wildlife day in 03.03.2024 I would like to share my ideas and thoughts about our common lives with the amazing community of nature lovers. When I say “our common lives” I mean both: humans and non-humans. Our human existence, even after amazing technological advancements of mankind is only a part of an endless continuum of all living being. All of us together co-create this beautiful web of life and all of us together are facing existential crisis for multiple reasons.

Climate change, environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity -these triple planetary crises are threatening our daily existence. If we want to make meaningful changes in our lives and our ways to survival, if we want to protect our happiness in this planet earth then we shall have to overcome the challenges, which are posed by triple planetary crisis. We humans are the root cause of most of these problems and we humans shall have to find the solutions. In order to solve these problems, we have to love our surroundings . In order to love our surroundings, we must observe our surroundings. Just by sheer watching, we can find out so much drama, twists and turns in the lives of the non-humans which are far more exciting than the daily amusement offered by the soap operas add movies.

Observing non-human intelligence, of insects or of birds or of mammals or of trees are equally exciting and enriching. Once one starts watching the non-humans closely than one start understanding their fears, daily struggles, comfort zones and it became easier to connect with their existence. It becomes much easier to raise voice for them and to take timely action. Staying connected with the world of non-humans are important. Practicing empathy consciously and unconsciously are also important without thinking how others have treated us or are treating us. We are part integral part of this intricate web of lives. Our existence is still immensely dependent on the activities of these co-habitants of earth.

Digital technologies are expanding our reach and are easing our access to the nooks and corners. With the help of digital amour, we shall have to stay connected with nature and its children because the elixir of human lives are still hidden deep inside natural treasures.

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  • Chris Ndungu

    6 w

    The planet is incomplete without these creatures. Our connection with none humans will bring mutual benefit.

    • Felix mokaya

      6 w

      Having a connection with non human is such a brilliant idea .They are still part of living things and also the ecosystem .It is true we human are the great cause of pollution to our environment and it is still us who can change that .Staying connected with the world of non-humans is very important .Get to learn about them and you will really love them

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