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Pakistan is one of the biggest countries of the world in based on land size, population, copper, gold, gas, and a number of other products. Pakistan is well-known throughout the world. But unfortunately, deforestation has an effect on Pakistan. Experts suggest that woods make up at least 25% of a country's total land area. Unfortunately, just 45% of Pakistan's land area is covered by forests.
Global environmental problem number one is deforestation. Cutting down, burning, and destroying woods are all considered forms of deforestation. The loss of hardwood and fuel wood is the first step in a chain of environmental damage that also includes a changing climate, and air pollution.
In Pakistan, forests are being destroyed at an incredible rate. Pakistan spends billions of dollars on wood-based products. These resources are also decreasing at a rate of 1%, which will have terrible consequences for the Pakistani people. Deforestation is one of the major factor to Pakistan's climate change. People cut down trees for heating purpose in so many areas due to a lack of gas. 
Only 45% of Pakistan`s land is covered by trees and that's because forests are being destroyed at an incredible rate usually in the winter for heating purposes since a lot of people cant afford heaters. Which caused deforestation to be one of the major factor to Pakistan's climate change.
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    Hi Jana, thank you for sharing these alarming facts about deforestation in Pakistan. You could send a climate warning ⚠ to Pakistani politicians or companies causing deforestation to hold them accountable and create some impact! This is how you send a climate warning: https://app.wedonthavetime.org/posts/0dffd008-9a9e-4926-9fd7-e564263a0259

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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