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The GoGreen project has been created as a response to the growing concern surrounding the climate crisis. As experts in cultural heritage, GoGreen believes that this field has the capacity to contribute positively to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs). Over the next 3 years, GoGreen will be pushing boundaries and creating policies, new green materials and methodologies to make green-thinking the daily standard in conservation practice.
Follow our journey on social media to learn how GoGreen will change the way cultural heritage operates for a better future.
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  • Ann Nyambura

    37 w

    Initiatives like GoGreen offer hope and inspiration, showing that we have the tools and expertise to make positive change and protect our planet for future generations.

    • Rashid Kamau

      37 w

      It is time for us to heed the call of nature and work towards restoring the balance that has been disrupted by human activities.

      • walter lungayi

        37 w

        It's inspiring to see the GoGreen project utilizing cultural heritage expertise to contribute positively to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their focus on pushing boundaries and creating new green materials and methodologies is a step towards a more sustainable future.

        • Munene Mugambi

          37 w

          With this movement maybe we can actually go green

          • Esther Wanjiku

            37 w

            Lets go green

            • john linus Tom

              37 w

              It's now more than ever to do it

              • Saustine Lusanzu

                37 w

                Time to go and embrace green

                Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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