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How to write a doctoral dissertation - by essayhub
As you grow in your professional qualifications, every PhD candidate thinks about how to write a doctoral dissertation.

With experience and a sufficient amount of research material, you can work on continuing your career as a scholar.

The next springboard that expands your options is your next degree. In order to obtain it, there are several stages of work to be done.

Choosing a topic and justifying it.
Any dissertation - candidate or doctoral dissertation, shows the level of qualification of the applicant. The research should show a new perspective on some solutions in a certain field on which the applicant is working. It should take into account all the author's previous publications on the subject under study.

The choice of the topic of a doctoral dissertation lies in the field of scientific research on which the applicant has been working for a long time.

The main point in this process is to justify the choice. The applicant needs to prove that this area of research is worthy of attention because of its novelty
In order to achieve a sufficient level of qualification, one must do the work of researching all the literature on the chosen topic area and published over the past decade.

Before you write your doctoral dissertation, you study abstracts, books, articles, and scientific reports - at least 250 sources.

It will be necessary to determine the extent to which they relate to and overlap with the chosen topic title.

It is necessary to justify why the stated solutions, conclusions or hypotheses are outdated or erroneous, unlike your proposals, and prove their novelty. It is obligatory to show that the new view, on the solution of certain problems, will have a practical benefit.

Before you can defend your dissertation, you must be the author of officially published scientific articles related to the topic of the research.

It is necessary to write at least 15 own publications in the list of journals approved by VAK (in the field of art history and cultural studies, socio-economic, social sciences and humanities, in other fields - at least 10).

If the justification is ready, the doctoral candidate should discuss it with the supervisor and then at the department meeting. The result of the discussion is a recommendation to the Academic Council of the university or research institute that the chosen dissertation topic be approved. Together with the justification it is necessary to propose the structure of the future scientific work.

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