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Sven Nilson

34 w


Climate love

Building a recycling mall next to the recycling center 💚💚

Wear and tear is a bygone chapter. Now we know better – our gadgets must have a longer life. Building a recycling mall next to the recycling center, so that Eskilstuna residents can easily leave things they no longer want for recycling, is a smart effort for a more sustainable society. Despite that, ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is still unique in the world. Foto: For those of us who live in Eskilstuna, there are no strange things. We create new things and put our city on the map. In Eskilstuna, Sweden's first locomotive was built in the 19th century, Sweden's biggest rock band Kent was raised here, and so we have created ReTuna - the world's first recycling mall," says Sofia Bystedt, center manager for the mall.

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  • Muhammad Fahd Khan

    34 w

    👍 👍 👍

    • Sarah Chabane

      34 w

      I really like the concept, but I went there and was a bit disappointed? I think I was expecting more because it's been hyped in the media so much. But there wasn't so much happening. Have you been there recently?

      • Marine Stephan

        34 w

        @sarah_chabane I was there last year and the same as you, I was also disappointed. The concept is super cool, but there weren't actually many things (even though I found a super jacket) and it was very similar to a regular second-hand store...

      • Annika Sundin, Medveten i stan

        34 w

        We desperately need this everywhere!

        • Johannes Luiga

          34 w

          Such an excellent idea

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