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We Don't Have Time, Chi-Impact Capital, Brainheart & NOAH Conference @ NOAH23 Zurich

Thanks for inviting We Don't Have Time to NOAH 2023.
Great panel with Ingmar Rentzhog - Founder & CEO, We Don't Have Time, Christin ter Braak-Forstinger - Co-Founder & CEO, Chi-Impact Capital, Cynthia Jonströmer - CEO, Brainheart and Marco Rodzynek - Founder & CEO, NOAH Conference at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2023, 13-14 December, The Circle.

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  • F_E_A_RISE

    12 w

    The graphs should speak for themselves at this point, but thankfully we have such great orators to get the message across. Great stuff - we must continue to contextualize the 'wacky weather reports' with the daunting reality of why this is happening.

    • Johannes Luiga

      12 w

      It was a true pleasure to join NOAH Zurich!

      • Samuel Navutanyi

        13 w

        Hi everyone, Just joined and trying to catch up!...

      • Esther Wanjiku

        13 w

        This was truly an amazing presentation

      • Rashid Kamau

        13 w

        Tremendous presentation,let's continue urging the world to transit to great practices that favor our climate.

        • Kevin

          13 w

          This was an amazing presentation by our CEO who made it clear of the urgency to address the climate crisis

          • Abraham Jok Atem

            13 w

            We don't have time is achieving great things within a short period of time credit to you our able CEO @Ingmar Rentzhog

            • dickson mutai

              13 w

              Inspiring discussions shaping the future :)

              • Nicodemus Axwessoo SIAYI Soko

                13 w

                It's upon us to save the Planet world..We Don't Have Time is really doing well and I hope that it could be considered strong community and People's place to get to have their voices heard.. Seriousness is the main character for members of this platform...

                • Rotich Kim

                  13 w

                  Congratulations WDHT CEO will represent us well and we are hopefully to get more solution to climate 💪

                  • DIPANJANA MAULIK

                    13 w

                    Congratulations on your excellent speech and the panel discussion in NOAH in December 2024. Undoubtedly, We Don't Have Time is doing a great job. Mobilizing climate warriors, expanding the platform for climate actors at a global scale, consolidating climate data for consensus building towards climate solutions and continuously providing impetus for crossing the "tipping point" - all are great work pursued by WDHT. The question answer session among Ingmar and investors provides so many important information about WDHT to WDHT subscribers, who are not investors but are the believers of the cause. "How WDHT makes money?" At 11:22-26 second of this webinar, this is explained, which brings transparency and builds trust amongst subscribers. It is also great to listen from the three investors who values the ground truth that we breathe same air, who acts for 5 Ps (Planet, Purpose, Passion, People and Profit), who believes communication is the key. In a world of 8 billion people 85000 to 100,000 (numerically it is 0.01 percent) can also emerge as a strong game changing force if we are really united through our climate actions and communications. Solidarity and collective efforts matter a lot in this big diverse, disintegrated world. Rapid increase in numbers of WDHT memberships, subscribers, and financers are, therefore, needed to win this race against the prevailing race and time. I would just like to suggest the call for replacing fossil fuels with renewables needs to be augmented with call for scaling up Nature Based Solutions. Technologies are advancing but the ecosystems are to be created involving policy makers, investors and every other citizen. We need scalable, sustainable climate solutions.

                    • Ingmar Rentzhog

                      13 w

                      @dipanjana_maulik Thank you for your summary. I agree that nature-based solutions are very important for solving our planetary crises. I only had 10 minutes for my keynote, which is why I focused on the fossil aspects.

                      • DIPANJANA MAULIK

                        13 w

                        @Rentzhog My sincere and heartiest gratitude. You have done everything correctly. In ten minutes, it is difficult to cover one such complex issue. Today renewables are being accepted as an alternative at a global level because of the relentless persuasions like leaders like you of today and also of yesterdays. The narration is now changing after a battle of perseverance for say forty to fifty years! The tipping point never seemed so close earlier. While watching your speech, I just felt that the NBS also shall need similar aggressive persuasions. Few breakthroughs are being accepted but lot of things need to be done for the actual take off. I again wish all the very best for all of your endeavors and your team.

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