Greenercoin Tokenomics, how does it work?

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The world of blockchain and crypto-currencies continues to grow and expand.

The concept of tokenomics is becoming increasingly important in this ecosystem and refers to the business models and principles that govern the creation, distribution and use of tokens in a particular project or ecosystem. In this article, we will focus on the case of Greenercoin (GNC), a crypto-currency that has a positive social and environmental impact. We will examine GNC’s well-designed tokenomics model and how it can help ensure long-term project sustainability and success while promoting positive social and environmental impacts.

The concept of tokenomics in the world of blockchain and crypto-currencies

So what are tokenomics? It is the economic principles that govern the creation, distribution and use of tokens in a specific project or ecosystem. A well-designed tokenomics model can help ensure the long-term sustainability and success of a project, creating a stable ecosystem and motivating users to contribute to its development.

The Greenercoin (GNC) Business Model

In this context, the Greenercoin (GNC) token is a good example of how a well thought-out business model can contribute to the success of a project. The GNC is the native crypto-currency of the Greenercoin ecosystem, which focuses on promoting positive social and environmental impact. Yes yes you heard right thanks to our ecosystem and its well thought out tokenomics, we will be able to move towards brighter days.

The "burn of our token": an innovative mechanism for environmental protection

Let us tell you about another important concept of our economic model that will directly contribute to the protection of our planet : the « burn of our tokens ». Thanks to this mechanism, each token worth $20 or more that is burned will allow us to plant a tree. And guess what? You’ll be contributing directly to reforestation and environmental protection! But that’s not all, by reducing the number of CNG tokens in circulation, we will also ensure the success of the platform. How can we do this? We’ll give you two reasons why the token burn is essential for viable tokenomics:
Imagine you have a collection of cards to trade, and you want to make some of the cards rarer and more valuable to trade for other more important cards. You could remove some cards from your collection and destroy them, making the other cards rarer and therefore more valuable. Similarly, the token burn can reduce the total supply of CNGs in circulation, which can make them more valuable and increase their price.
Equity: Consider an example where a company has created a token, but distributed it unequally or unfairly among some people. Token burning could be used to reduce the number of tokens held by those people who have been advantaged and thus level the playing field for all token holders.

Greenercoin's business model: the distribution of our tokens

When you hear about CNG token distribution, you might think of a pizza delivery company. But in reality, token distribution is a key process in the Greenercoin ecosystem. The different percentages allocated to the various parties – development, marketing, staff, IEO and miners – have been carefully thought out to ensure the stability and sustainability of the project.

Reduced price volatility due to the amount of CNG locked into the market

If you’re a crypto-currency enthusiast, you may have heard of price volatility. It’s like buying a pizza at one price, only to find out the next day it costs twice as much or half as much. The amount of CNG locked into the market helps reduce this volatility by limiting the supply of tokens available for trading. This prevents speculators from causing sudden price fluctuations, which is good news for those looking for long-term stability.

Distribution of GNC tokens

But how will our tokens be distributed? It’s time to get out the calculators ! Already the GNC has a total supply of 50 million tokens. Of this total supply, 1 million tokens have been allocated for an Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) to raise funds for the development and growth of the project. You’re going to tell us yes and the remaining 49 million? Don’t worry, they will be distributed as follows (starting with the most important you, the miners): 70% for carbonless miners: These tokens will be distributed among users who contribute to the network by validating transactions and maintaining the integrity of the network. This helps ensure that there is a strong community of users invested in the success of the platform and who have an incentive to ensure its security and integrity.
The concept of tokenomics is essential in the world of blockchain and crypto-currencies, and it is increasingly important to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of a project. A well-designed business model can create a stable and motivating ecosystem. In addition, innovative mechanisms such as the « token burn » can not only contribute to the environment, but also to the success of the platform by reducing the total supply of tokens in circulation. Overall, projects that have a positive social and environmental impact like Greenercoin (GNC) are a great opportunity for investors concerned about their impact on the planet.

So, if you want to invest in a crypto-currency that has heart and positive impact, don’t forget about Greenercoin! And for those who prefer to get pizza delivered, sorry, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Gauthier Leo
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