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Reliable electricity is an enabler for clean water – and some communities around the world still don’t have access to either! ⚡💧

🔽 Interesting article from the BBC today, bringing attention to the link between South Africa’s unreliable electricity supply – with its frequent load shedding – and a lack of clean water impacting many areas of the country.

Did you know that long-duration energy storage (LDES) technologies are part of the solution? They can harness energy from renewable sources like solar and make it available as clean power around-the-clock. That means stable and affordable electricity for use in water pumping, desalination, or purification, whenever or wherever these processes are needed.

Azelio’s TES.POD system is supplying clean electricity for sustainable agriculture in the Northwest province of South Africa, as well as in Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) in a groundbreaking project in Abu Dhabi today. Take a look through our feed here on We Don't Have Time, to find out more about these installations!

  • Tabitha Kimani

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    Azelio is the solution to South Africa woes.

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