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Landslides block roads as death toll rises in Northern Pakistan

Landslides triggered by torrential rains have blocked several key roads in northern Pakistan, stranding tourists and disrupting traffic, officials said Monday, as the death toll from weather-related incidents in the past month rose to at least 133.

Thousands of tourists have thronged scenic tourist destinations in the north in recent days, ignoring warnings from the disaster management agency, which asked people last week to avoid unnecessary trips as ongoing monsoon rains can cause landslides and flash floods.

Landslides caused by rain hit several roads in the northern districts of Chitral, Dir and Battagram in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Sunday. Authorities were trying to clear roads to restore traffic in the mountainous areas, said Taimur Khan, a spokesperson for the provincial disaster management authority.

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    47 w

    This is so sad

    • Daniel Waweru

      47 w

      This is a devastating picture to see, i hope something is done in the future to prevent such natural occurrences from happening

    • Lucinda Ramsay

      47 w

      Tbh Pakistan is a victim of climate change and geography- there are probably measures they can take with planting trees and putting in more defences but they should be receiving climate aid and funding to help.

      • Grace Njeri

        47 w

        The Government should discourage mining and deforestation as it weaken the soil and cause landslides.

        • Grace Njeri

          47 w

          The Pakistan Government should focus on construction methods to mitigate the risk of landslides.

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