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UK absent from key international statement on climate action

The UK was notable by its absence on Wednesday from a key statement pledging ambitious action on the climate crisis, from a group of countries of which it is normally a leading member. The β€œhigh ambition coalition” of countries, which aims to push the world to swifter cuts on greenhouse gas emissions, issued a call for β€œfaster stronger” action on the climate, to cause emissions to peak by 2025, and a plan to put the world on course to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement.

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  • Princess



    42 w

    It's crucial for countries, especially those with significant influence and resources like the UK, to actively participate and lead in international climate initiatives. Hopefully, the UK will reconsider its stance and actively engage in collaborative efforts to combat climate change for the benefit of our planet and future generations.

    • Gorffly mokua



      42 w

      This is very worrisome, given its recent pledge to achieve net zero by 2050!!

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