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Why is long duration energy storage crucial for sustainably smart cities ready and how can we get there? ⚡️
This week on #smartcities, we cover the potential of battery storage systems! 📈 With high demand for energy in cities and the transition to renewables set to grow, energy storage capacity becomes a critical concern.
Enter ⏩ Battery stoage systems offer a great solution to enable dispatch-able energy, store surplus renewable energy and offset losses, as well as cut costs!
Check out two unique start-ups #SET100, STABL energy and Energy Dome, already enabling change in this field!
🔋 Stabl’s software-based invertors simplify commercial and utility-scale battery storage systems, reducing energy losses by up to 70% and cutting operating costs by up to 40%. By bringing efficiency to the forefront, the start-up can power the cities of tomorrow.
🔋 Energy Dome, our 2023 #SETAward winner makes energy dispatching 24/7! Their ground-breaking CO2Battery™ is a long duration energy storage that guarantees the performance of renewable energy storage in a cost-effective way, with unprecedented round-trip efficiency and without emissions.

With this our #smartcities series comes to an end 🌐 Read more about the complex & interlinked technologies to pioneer sustainable urbanisation in telekom’s illiustrative whitepaper 👉

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    With good storage, production doesn't have to be everytime

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