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You’ve heard of the coming #artificialintelligence (AI) revolution, but do you know how AI and #machinelearning are already revolutionizing the energy sector? 🤖 By improving efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and enhancing overall performance, AI is transforming the way we produce, distribute, and consume energy.🌍Not just that AI is being used to tackle some of the most significant challenges facing the industry like: 🚀 Developing better energy storage systems, 🚀 Optimizing renewable energy production and distribution, 🚀 Predicting natural disasters that could impact energy infrastructure. Our #SET100 database highlights the growing supply of innovative solutions in the energy sector. Both #SETAward winners and SET100 start-ups are developing versatile and key AI applications for: 👩‍💻 predictive maintenance and asset management 👩‍💻 micro-grid optimization, 👩‍💻 energy trading, 👩‍💻 smart meter analytics. 🎯 Over the years, notable #SETAward winners like LiveEO, NEU Energy, as well as numerous SET100 start-ups including Ekkono Solutions, WinJi, and FlexiDAO, among others, have continually driven rapid innovation and are making the energy revolution a reality today. Learn more about the role of AI in the #futureofenergy 👉

#AIinEnergy #energyrevolution #cleanenergy #energyefficiency
  • Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

    59 w

    True, AI can be really beneficial for the energy transition and we are happy that some of our #SET100 already implement it in their solutions.

    • Joseph Githinji

      59 w

      AI is a blessing, great for it taking centre stage in revolutionising the energy sector.

      • Annett Michuki..

        59 w

        AI is bringing significant changes to the world

        • Gorffly mokua

          59 w

          AI is the present and future!

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