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Axfood will phase out fossil fuels in its logistics operations and vehicle fleet within 2 years

Axfood announced accelerating the pace of its phase-out of fossil fuels. In the two upcoming years, Axfood will transition its own and procured transports between warehouses and stores to renewable fuel or electricity – five years ahead of plan. The initiative could prevent 37,000 tons of CO2e emissions per year. I am looking forward to seeing this being implemented.
A question to Axfood: what else are you doing to reduce your CO2e emissions? When replacing your vehicle fleet, do you take into account circularity (of vehicles' parts, of materials, etc.) or do you just replace the whole fleet without keeping any parts of the old? Do you plan on increasing the percentage of local products in what you sell (to reduce absolute emissions of transportation)?
Read Axfood's press release:

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  • George Kariuki

    1 w

    This is fantastic news for the planet! Axfood ditching fossil fuels in logistics is a huge leap towards #sustainabledelivery and reducing their carbon footprint.

    • walter lungayi

      1 w

      This is a commendable and ambitious initiative. This proactive approach demonstrates a strong dedication to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, setting a positive example for the industry and contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        1 w

        A great initiative that will help lower carbon emissions

        • Princess

          1 w

          What an excellent initiative by Axfood to phase out fossil fuels in its logistics operations and vehicle fleet within just two years!

          • Varsa Mahananda

            1 w

            You are so right! Wonderful initiative phasing out fossil fuels. But phasing out is not enough. Ensuring that the raw materials don't end up adding towards emissions is also something to be considered.

          • Kihm Francis

            1 w

            a major step forward in phasing out fossil fuels looking forward to see it implemented in an effective way..

            • dickson mutai

              1 w

              A significant step towards sustainability demonstrating a proactive approach to reducing CO2 emissions

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