Erlijn van Genuchten's post

Erlijn van Genuchten

6 w

Cutting down the Amazon rainforest is having a broad range of consequences.
One of the consequences is that eagles lose their homes: harpy eagles stay their entire life close to their nest.
And when the tree they used for their own chicks is cut down and they can't find a new tree, they are unable to raise new chicks. Here you can learn about further consequences of cutting down the rainforest for harpy eagles:

How is Deforestation of the Amazon Affecting Eagles?

Fascinating facts about nature and sustainability

  • Daniel Waweru

    6 w

    These are tough effects for the wildlife to bear, their habitats should be protected at all cost,

    • Joseph Githinji

      6 w

      Amazon forest must be protected by all means possible.

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