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THE REWILD POSTCAST If you want to learn more about practical #rewilding across Europe, you cannot miss out our Rewild Podcast series that we launched earlier this year. For the last 10 years, James Shooter has been working for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a rewilding charity based in the Highlands of Scotland. James is a photographer and filmmaker by trade and has been helping to tell stories from the natural world through books, articles and documentaries. This year, he is teaming up with us at Rewilding Europe to produce #TheRewildPodcast, where he is traveling around the continent to shine a light on the passionate people and inspiring initiatives fighting back for nature. James has sold his house, left his job to travel around Europe for a year with his wife, two children and dog in a motor home to put the podcast together. Each of Rewilding Europe's rewilding landscapes are featured, as well as the work of many other leading European rewilding organisations, including members of the #EuropeanRewildingNetwork. So far, James produced 7 episodes with over 47,700 downloads so far, with up to 7,000 downloads per episode in just half a year. This remarkable effort does not remain unseen. On Spotify, the series ranked -#3 in the Science category, on Apple it ranked #5 in the Science category, the Environment Times Newsletter named it "Podcast of the week", on #PodBible it was mentioned “Best new podcast of spring 2023”, in BBC Wildlife Magazine it was Podcast of the Month, and in the New Scientist Magazine it ranked among the 10 best Science podcasts. Awesome! And … more to come. After a short summer break, James has continued his journey through Europe and will visit many more exciting rewilding initiatives. Make sure you take time to listen and please share! 👉🏽

#wildereurope #generationrestoration #rewilding #rewildingHope Thanks Gemma Shooter for the wonderful art work 💚!

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