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A nature-based future for the Netherlands in 2120

Why has the WUR compiled this report?
The Netherlands faces major challenges: the energy transition, transition toward sustainable agriculture,
restoring biodiversity, urbanisation and climate adaptation. All these challenges have consequences
for spatial planning in our country. It is inevitable that the Netherlands will look much different in a
hundred years. Major changes are needed to cope with rising sea levels, periods of extreme weather, an
increasing demand for food production and a need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
These challenges require a new narrative for the Netherlands. A narrative in which this densely
populated country develops into a guide for the rest of the world by giving priority to nature, a
sustainable economy, quality of life and safety. A story that centres on ‘nature-based solutions’ in which
solutions for climate and biodiversity go hand in hand.
Wageningen University & Research has compiled this narrative based on expert knowledge; it is our
vision for the future of the Netherlands in 2120, in which nature and natural processes play a major
role. It is a vision that is intended to inspire. It outlines a future in which economic development and
a nature-inclusive society go hand in hand. This vision for the future also takes account of the unique
characteristics of various regions in the Netherlands. By means of maps and cross sections we present a
general picture of what is possible in each region regarding spatial development.
The thinking behind this picture is based on the outcomes of various design and discussion sessions with
researchers. Obviously, further specification and substantiation is needed. Together with stakeholders
we will continue to develop and substantiate this vision and translate it into action perspectives for the
here and now.
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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    10 w

    Nature based solutions contribute to a better planet for all !

    • Edwin wangombe

      60 w

      This is the way to go for the whole world

      • Munene Mugambi

        61 w

        This helps the Dutch and the world in general prepare to be sustainable in future

        • Tabitha Kimani

          61 w

          The duty bearers (leaders) should envision life on the planet earth many centuries to come.

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