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Every little bit counts (or doesn't)! Saving emissions on a "small" scale is highly commendable and certainly not a mistake - but it only brings us a small step closer to the desired goal. We are simply running out of time. It's similar to the approach only briefly taking my foot off the accelerator to regulate my speed when I am driving too fastly and will come into a curve. And then ask myself in amazement after the accident: "But why wasn't it enough? I slowed down a bit before the bend!". You could describe our current course in climate policy in a similar way: too little and too late! If I don't brake fast and hard enough, I'll drive the car into the wall! The danger of our small-step climate policy measures is that once we start harvesting the "low hanging fruits", we forget that there is no alternative to turn THE VERY BIG WHEELS NOW. The wrong impression is being conveyed, namely that we are on course because we have already taken action. But we are by no means on course. Because if we don't take the necessary big steps after the easy-to-implement measures (and we won't), we will have wasted valuable time. In addition, such a scenario clouds our view of the enormous dimension and the urgency required to reduce emissions. The dilemma: No matter what effective climate protection measures politicians try to implement, as soon as they reach the comfort zone of citizens or their wallets, they lose the approval of the vast majority and effective laws are watered down to the point of meaninglessness. The main thing is that the people are somewhat appeased. Our proposal for a paradigm shift: Cap, Personalize and Trade: 🍃Personal tradable emissions budgets to pay for individual CO2 consumption as a game changer in climate policy. 🍃 Issued in the same amount to all citizens as an ecological basic income, by means of a complementary carbon resource currency. ➡️ for more information visit our website

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